Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finding your patterns.

weigh in 200.2

So today is a good day. :) I went to Alanon yesterday and therapy. Wich was great. :) Once again my TOM is playing a sick joke on me. lol  I have a pattern of not losing but easily gaining for about 3-5 days after my TOM.  I beleive that time period has begun. yay me... On a serious note.  The improtant thing is that I understand and am aware of this pattern in my body. It can be very discouraging for someone who doesnt realise there patterns.

Our bodies are not linear and they dont pretend to be.  We can do mathematical equations and due to calories vs calories out everything should be linear but, alas it is not.  We have hormones and bodily functions to interfere with that.  For example one of my other patterns is; an up down week.  For example: Lets say Sunday I weighed 201.8. The following day on Monday i weigh 201. Then Tuesday 200.2.  I can most definetly expect to be either 200.2 for a day or two or 201 for a day or two after that. If I have 3 or 4 great days of weightloss. My body likes to even out with some water weight held in for a couple days. (extra or steadfast, it holds)  These patterns can be bother some. The best thing to do is to note them and figure them out the best you can.  Then accept them and keep pushing forward.

Who knows? You could have a weird pattern like my brothers girlfriend. She has a pattern taht for 4-5 days after her TOM.  She can eat like a MAN. She go and scarf and scarf and scarf but, she gains nothing!!!!! Lucky her hahahaha. :) So take a look at your patterns and use them to your advantage.  For me my patterns aren't anything like this one. Although, because i know my patterns i dont feel horrible when i have a 3-5 days stall right after my TOM.

So my advice log your patterns note them and use them to benefit you. :) Wether it be in your Journey to Health or everyday life. It will benefit you to be in tune with yourself. :)

Have a great day! :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 year of my spiral

weigh in 200.2----> so close to Onederland!

   Good afternoon all I have stuck to my calories and am doing good. :) Havent mustered up the spunk for the gym yet. lol so boring but its a must so i need to get back into it. Today also marks my 1 year anniversary for living a new happier and healthier life.  This year has had its highs and its lows.  The truth is its been easy but times of struggle.  I have had days I really just want to say bullocks!  Then I think about all my hard work and the strength I have found in myself I never knew I had. The me I like more and more each day inside and out. : ) In this last year I have lost 44.8lbs through counting calories and making better healthier choices. I have gained loads of self esteem through meditation and therapy.  We all have our shortcomings and our strengths.  We all have weakness and pride. I have made the conscious decision to change and work on my weaknesses and shortcomings.  I have been working on myself body and mind.  I feel great to have reached yet another goal! My one  year Birthday! :)

Stick to it its worth it!

My favorite quote simple yet perfect for me. - "Never, never, never give up."- Winston Churchill