Restart Goals 1/07/13

So as of 1/07/13 I will be restarting my health and fitness sprial. I fell off the wagon but I am back! I came from a wopping 255lbs! then lost 55lbs! I realized it was really happening. I was really doing this whole health fitness and feeling great about myself. So I started to undermind my self and  self sabotage. in six months of not being on plan I have gone from 201 to around 218.  On 1/03/13 I realized my pants were not zipping anymore!  I do not want to waste all the hard work I did to get where I am. Then my uncle had a massive heart attack due to blockage in his main aortic artery. I decided I will start agian in today instead of waiting for all the weight and unhealthiness to come back. So I thought a new goal list would be good to. :) So here we go baby steps.!
I can have whatever I want I just dont want that.

Here is my Goal list:

1st goal- Say on plan for 1 week-1/07/13--1/14/13
2nd goal- lose 1lb forever- 1/09/13
3rd goal- lose 5 lbs forever- 1/14/13
4th goal- stay on plan for 2 weeks-1/22/13
5th goal- stayon plan for 3 weeks-
6th goal - goal - 10lbs lost-
7th goal - on plan for 1 month-
8th goal- lose 15lbs-
9th goal- excercize for 1 straight week for at least 15 min-

Last updated: 1/14/13

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