Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holidays and Diets and Agave Nectar Sticks

216 (thanksgiving getting some of its vengeance out on me)

Morning everyone had a great evening at school. : ) My teacher forgot to put his notes up on our website so it was a movie night! So I took a nap! lol : )
       I also weighed in at 216 this morning. I think it is 1 or all of 3 things. I am getting some payback from thanksgiving, Im getting ready to stall for end of TOM (on TOM now), and/or its because of the little tiny amount of water i drank the last 2 days. HMMM. Well we will jus have to watch all three. : ) I hope everyone is doing well and on there plan.

Click here if you would like to try the Agave Nectar I ordered. (I also want to say I have no benefit other than helping sharing this site. I dont get paid for it. I just want to share my experiences. Thank you! <3)

So I call today's article Holidays and diets because they are so opposite. For most Americans and Ive heard from international friends, the holidays are a festive time to get away with stuffing yourself basically.  We overeat constantly on the holidays. There are to many parties to count and so many actual holidays. Oh and God forbid you have divorced parents are married and you spouse has divorced parents. Imagine food from four Christmas's?!?!?! I would collapse.
Ive decided to order some Agave Sticks from Amazon. (I found honey sticks and Agave sticks cheepest on Amazon)  I have a ordered a few different flavors and there are so sweet and delicous. They are quite honestly going to be my weapon here pretty soon.  My weapon from sweets. I will have my Agave sticks with me at family functions and can have this instead of overundulging on sweets.

Now for the Benefits of Agave! You didnt think I was going to eat them just because, did you?

One of the biggest benefits is the sweet taste! Agave nectar is a sweetener like granulated sugar or honey. Although it has a low glycemic index.  This would benefit anyone trying to lose weight or with diabetes. It also helps maintain. Agave is made up of the same sugars that are in our fruits naturally, therefore our bodies can breakdown Agave with no problem at all.  When Agave sugars enter our body they are digested immediately! Just as fruts and veggies are.  This wonderful because this surgar doesnt get stored!
This powerful Nectar can also be used as a sugar substitute! Start switching it out for you sugar.

Ill be using the Agave sticks to fight off cravings and have as treats!  : )

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  2. I think so. It tastes kinda like a honey type sugar but no after taste like honey. Ill be getting some soon in the mail. Ill let you know. Its pretty cheap to get those sticks to. : )