Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weightloss Does Not Equal Entitlement

weigh in 213.2!

  Omg! I am almost out of the 220's I'm so much closer to Onederland its insane. I cant even believe I have made it this far.  Although I have the sweat, tears, and stories to show for it.  its crazy to think I am almost to the 210's.  Although I know for me I need to stay focused. I can celebrate for a few moments and be excited. But if I celebrate to much then I end up ruining the  celebration.  I know it seems harsh but its just something Ive learned about myself. I cant celebrate to much or else I begin to celebrate with food.  Then I am gaining and not losing. I am proud but not prideful.  If I am prideful than I begin to not be able to stick to my plan and I maintain then I begin to gain. Or I start to yo yo. So the point?

Weight loss Does NOT = ENTITLEMENT!

  • This banter might sound a little harsh. So if you cant handle harsh today isn't a day to read my article. I'm so passionate and blunt about this topic because this is what hinders me.  This is why I begin to feel complacent and prideful and then get stuck or balloon up. So here we go.  You think that because you lost 5lbs you can have a cookie? Sure have a cookie but count the calories and don't leave it out. Its still a treat if its counted. You wouldn't usually be eating the cookie, slice of pizza, or piece of pie.  But be ready to pay the consequences. And eat one cookie not the ENTIRE box!  Your not entitled to gaining the 5lbs back! You haven't done all that work to erase it have you?  If so, then why do it in the first place? Yes go quit. Come back when your ready! If your ready lets do this. I constantly tell myself this when I start to slip up.  "Jessica! Do you really want this? Then, Why are you hurting yourself?"  I ask myself these things and then I answer them.  If you really want this then don't punish yourself!  Be an Advocate for yourself! The TRUTH is your ENTITLED to STRENGTH!!! You are entitled to willpower and strength! So do things that will strengthen you mind body and soul. : )


  1. Jessica I am so proud of you! This is amazing, and you are an excellent blogger. Love you doll, keep up the good work!