Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oranges and there Benefits.

Weigh in 201
Had a great time with my brother and family. Happy Birthday to him. For his birthday he is off to Texas. If anyone would like to say a prayer for a safe trip be my guest.  My mom made green Chile cheese enchiladas. Which is one of my favorite meals that she makes! yum yum!
Today is a good day but i believe I'm getting my tooth pulled today. I will be eating light because I don't want to throw up from the anesthetic. I have my food plan for the day and some wiggle room for anything that may arise.

I have been craving oranges like crazy for the last few days! So I decided to do a little research.  What are the benefits of oranges?

One orange is rich in Vitamin C but, most of us know that. what does Vitamin C actually do? The vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which boost the immune system. Vitamin C also helps the body to fight against infections.   I have always heard that Oranges are immune system boosters but, it was nice to find out that they also have compounds in them that are anti-inflammatory agents. Other than Vitamin C there are many other nutrients within an Orange such as; pectin, bile acids, Hesperetin, Narigenin, and many other Vitamins.  They have been known to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.  They are rich in dietary fiber and low in calories.  Pectin helps to protect the mucous membrane of the colon from exposure to toxins and will bind with cancer causing cells in the colon. Pectin has also shown to be an active blood cholesterol reducer.  It also contains Phytochemicals call Hesperetin and Narigenin which are flavanoids. The compounds are immune system boosters, and have anti-inflammatory characteristics as well. They also have Vitamin A which helps to maintain a healthy mucous membrane and helps the body to protect itself from lung and oral cavity cancers!  Oranges are also a good source of Vitamin B complex.  It also has other great minerals that our bodies need to function like potassium and calcium. Potassium is a part of cells and body fluids.  It helps to control heart rate and blood pressure.  
Overall they have been know to help in reduce risk for cancers, many chronic diseases, arthritis, obesity, and coronary heart disease.  
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Have a wonderful day! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lovely day, Lovely day.

Weigh in at 201.00

Still hanging around the same weight since monday. Good news Im doing pretty good. I have a cheat last night with my dad a half of a sandwich at Lee's. Yum yum. lol but other than that in plan. I wasnt stuffed just a cheat.  Had a great time with my dad.
Tonight I have a dentist app. that may lead to a tooth being pulled. I have weak teeth. Wich led to 12 route canals from the age of 11 on. Well the first one I ever got is done for. So here we go. I also have to get two of my route canals retreated. Its either that or pull them to. Its to bad I have weak teeth but things can always be worse. Im blessed in many ways and nobodies perfect. As far defects go, Ill take it lol.
Today I am on plan. I have planned out my food for the day and I have left some wiggle room for something else i might want today. I have pear and apple on the side. Just in case. :)
Today is also my brothers birthday! Happy Birthday James. :)

Love you brother!

In the end any day alive is a lovely day. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeling pressure need to focus on today...

weigh in 200.6

  I weighed in this morning at 200.6. Hold on Jessica breathe, breathe, breathe.  I know its not a big deal weight fluctuates but its hard to keep that in my head.  Yesterday I was 200.0 now 200.6.  I also know that the last 2-3months I have been yoyoing up and down from 202-200 so what do I expect. I'm on plan of course but of course my body got used to the yo yo a bit. I just have to deal. Stay on plan that's the most important part.  I just need to focus on today. Today is what I have to work with.  Today is what counts.
    I had a great day yesterday!  I got to see my mom and spend time with her at her new place.  It was very nice. I'm really grateful to God I got that opportunity.  My mom and I don't always see eye to eye and we don't get to spend much time together either. It was very nice. :)
    Today I have mapped our my plan for food. I like snacks so a lot of my plan will be eaten individually not in one big meal. Or three meals. But like 6 tiny meals. :) I also have left about 300 Cal's unaccounted for so that I have some wiggle room. :)  My goal for today is to stay within my calories. Therefore staying on my plan. 

Have a great day!  

Monday, June 11, 2012

MOnday baby steps...

weigh in 200 even

This Photo does know justice for the beauty I witnessed.

I did a good job this weekend. I stayed within my calories pretty much and ate pretty healthy. Me and the fiance' even went to Black Angus. :) That was yummy.  I had a good weekend with him and wishing i was still there.

Right before the sun went down.

        The weekend started out a little bit crazy. I drove up to Bakersfield but ahd a huge detour! I got stuck in the Castaic Mountains due to a brush fire.  I was stuck in a piece of traffic for 3.5hrs and went two miles in that time. I watched a movie on my phone. Wich was called, "The New Muslim Cool" It was an interesting movie.  Then the Firemen closed of the freeway so I took my trusty little cumpass (iphone) and i mapped myself an alternate route.  It was 118miles out of the way. Wooh this was gonna be a day. I started driving through these winding roads and I suddenly had this weird feeling. I started to slow and look around realizing how beatiful and  gorgeous everything was. There were trees desert plants like yuccas.  They were everywhere!  I stopped on the sider to take a few pictures. It was aboslutely amazing! I couldnt beleive how at home I felt. I felt like I was in New Mexico on my way to Chillile.  It was such a great gift from God. I was annoyed that I had this detour but if it hadnt have been this way i could have never received this gift.  Then as i was driving i found a shorter short cut so it was a 40mile detour instead of 118... but i wouldnt have traded it for anyhting. :) 
     Had a great time with my fiance' hung out went out to eat and I ate pretty good.  I was by no means perfect but pretty good. :) I also discovered Trader Joe's Mochi Icecream yesterday! Holy Zola! Those things are delicous and 100cals a pop. : ) I had the Mango ones and I cant wait to try the strawberry and green tea flavors. :)
     Today I start my day with some Coffee and Mochi with a banana. Lol not the best breakfast but we are not perfect we are progressing. :) Progress not perfection.  I have planned most of my cals for the day already and have some left over for any unexpected or needed snack in the afternoon. :) Baby steps. I got stick to it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

baby steps into the weekend...

weigh 201

   Today is going to be a tough day. We won lunch at work so I am going to be having some sweets and some high calorie food but I'm still staying in plan. :) We got donuts and In-n-out Burger. I had my donut already. Ive decided I will participate in the lunch I will just get a protein burger and that's all. :)  The rest of the day will be fruits and veggies.
       I'm also pretty nervous about this weekend.  I am so insanely excited to see my fiance' but I'm afraid of my habits. I have a habit of eating whatever I want when I go up to visit him.  We also haven't seen each other in a month so I know I'm gonna feel really happy and may forget to think before I do.  I pray that I can keep my head leveled and stick to my plan. I am bringing my main meals with me and some snacks.  So if I can just keep a level head that should help me to stay on plan. I'm also going to try to blog and check my emails for my weight loss buddies so that I can keep my goals fresh in the front of my head. Wish me luck. :)

I think Ill be following coined phrases in my mind:

Easy does it.
One day at a time.

and my favorite prayer..

Grant me the Serenity,
To accept the things I can not change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

I find this prayer gives me strength, helps me to have willpower and to stay in control through my Higher power.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby steps day 2...

weigh in 202.00

          Good morning guys weighed in at 202.  I guess two days of completely on plan is working. Who would have thunk it? Jeez all i have on my mind is food. Like I literally just stared at my bag of strawberries for the last hour off and on.  All the while thinking, should I eat these now or later? When I should have thought. Am I hungry or bored?  I'm hungry. So lets do this. :)  Ha ha so funny how I think sometimes.  Maybe you can relate.  How I think to myself should I eat it or shouldn't I?  The thing is though, that question is valid but, its not enough.  One: I should ask am I hungry or am I bored? Two: This piece of nourishment, is it healthy and beneficial for my body? Three: This food, is it in plan?  If I can answer these questions and the answers are: I'm hungry, its healthy, and its in plan.  Then I should go for it guilt free. My problem is feeling guilty with just about anything.  The act of eating feels great feels like life and nourishment. Sometimes I even get a sort of high or mood boost.  Only after eating I feel guilty and resentful. So I need to take it slow.  Start with checking my motives.  Then make a decision and enjoy.   I believe food should be enjoyable that's why our Higher Power made food taste good. Although in the end it is nourishment and energy for our bodies. That's what it needs to be treated as. So today and forever more I will do my best to deal in one day at a time. I will work on balance today and the next.

My food plan for the day

86 Cal's leftover in case i feel hungry in the evening and i can have an orange or kiwi or something small. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

do or die...


Ive been straying. I havent updated in a while.  I havent been eating the fruits and veggies that i should be. So this is me getting back on track. Trying, and thats all I can do is try my best. Today I am showing what my food plan is and I will stick to it.  The pictures below show me tracking, my food. This morning I was 203.  A week ago I saw 199.8.  I know that I dont have something wrong with me to where I cant lose weight. Its my actions and choices that are hindering me. So one day at a time.  Today I choose to be on plan. I ask God for strength and I choose to eat healthier than before.  I will be seeing my dad today. I usually end up eating over plan when I see him.  I have prepared myself with a cup of frosted mini wheats for our date. :) So i have tools and today i choose to use them.
    I need to get back into the mindset I started with last year.  Why am I doing this? Why do I care to do this?  There are alot of reasons for me to do this, but what are they?  I know I dont want diabetes or cancer.  My grammy died a couple years ago. May God rest her soul.  I was very close to her and I love her dearly.  I watched her slowly die and suffer from her diabetes.  She lost her toe. Wich turned into her foot loss. Wich turn into her leg amputation from he knee down.  She had open heart sugery and in the end had skeletal cancer.  She also had multiple vein surgurues due to poor circulation.  She was obese wich didnt help with her health at all.  She was diabetic and in the end also died with skeletal cancer.
     I recall her health not to judge my grammy but to learn from her.  It killed me inside to see the wreckage she had done to herself.  She was paying her dues for a life time of inhealthy eating habits and being a smoker for many years.  I dont want that to happen to me.  I dont want her to have gone through that in vain.  I dont want my family and friends to be there for me like that and watch me slowly die.  I want to learn from my grammy and live healthier.
      Im not losing this weight just to look better. Of course it is a plus, but the reason I was working so hard is for my health.  I want to haave energy and be strong and happy. :) I want to work on myself body/mind/spirit as a whole.  I have a better relationship with my higher power today.  I have lost 52lbs today.  My health is better today.  The fact is though I have improoved tremendously. I am not at my finish line yet.  I still have 63lbs to my goal weight.  I still dont excercize enough. I still dont eat healthy. 
    I also know this is progress not perfection.  So I am happy with the progress i have made. I am proud of what i have done.  I also want to keep moving forward though. :)  I want to keep healing my mind and spirit. I want to keep eating healthier and allowing my body to be healthier through weightloss and healthy eating habbits. So another day of progress for today. :)