Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Healthy BMI.

Measuring BMI
weighed in 217.5
smoked last night but stayed on plan
        So last night I ended up smoking but, I stayed on plan food wise.  Ive noticed I am feeling kind of bored in a way with my plan and falling off alot.  So I have decided to make some new goals. These goals are out in the distance but I can reach out for the first one and it just gives me more to look forward to. So my new goals are for overweight and then healthy BMi's.  29.9 or above is considered obese. 29.8-25 is considered overweight. Then 24-18 is considered a healthy BMI.  Right now I am at a BMI of 34.  So as I already knew I am obese.

My overweight BMI at 29.8 is: 190lbs
My healthy BMI at 24 is: 153lbs
My goal BMI of 21.9 is: 140lbs
BMI Pincher

Take a look at my Goals List if you'd like some ideas on goals to set for your self.
Here is a great BMI Calculator.

Digital BMI Measurement Device

BMI-(Body Mass Index) is a measure of your body fat based on height and weight. It is most definelty an average amount when done digitally on the calculator. The most accurate results would be through a BMI pincher. The second most accurate is computerized digital hand measuring device. The least accurate is an average through an online BMI Claculator. 

Why is your BMI so important though?

 Well the more fat you have on your body the more prone to getting diseases you are. Your risk goes up with every extra pound of weight.  You risk getting so many diseases: Heart disease, High blood pressure, diabetes, coronery artery disease, and many more.  When researching there are so many risks with being overweight. In my family i have seen those careless risks becoming a reality.  These are real illnesses that could happen to us. We like to think, "it couldnt happen to me" but it can and will.  Lets keep it up and keep spiraling down to a smaller, happier, and healthier you. 

Have a wonderful day! Let me know your thoughts? 

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