Tuesday, February 21, 2012

50lbs lost!!!!!

Weigh in 204.4!

As of today I am at 50.6lbs lost! Ive reached a new milestone and it feels great! I have reached my mini-goal of 50lbs lost! I cant beleive it! After all this hard work I have finally got to this huge milestone! :)
Woo hoo! I now have 64.4lbs left to lose! :) Im getting closer and closer.  With all the research and tips that i have learned and am living by I am seeing results. :)

Also I was able to order my next mini-goal prize! :) To see click here.

Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Jessica whoo hoo!! you are an inspiration to me! i have started again and lost 11 lbs and like you i want to desperately be under 200 its been 15 years! total of 80 i need to lose but 50 will make me really happy!!! you are doing soooo good!! Anna

  2. Awesome thats great to hear! We are in this together. If you ever have any questions let me know and ill do my best to answer them! :)

    you can do it!