Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1 year of my spiral

weigh in 200.2----> so close to Onederland!

   Good afternoon all I have stuck to my calories and am doing good. :) Havent mustered up the spunk for the gym yet. lol so boring but its a must so i need to get back into it. Today also marks my 1 year anniversary for living a new happier and healthier life.  This year has had its highs and its lows.  The truth is its been easy but times of struggle.  I have had days I really just want to say bullocks!  Then I think about all my hard work and the strength I have found in myself I never knew I had. The me I like more and more each day inside and out. : ) In this last year I have lost 44.8lbs through counting calories and making better healthier choices. I have gained loads of self esteem through meditation and therapy.  We all have our shortcomings and our strengths.  We all have weakness and pride. I have made the conscious decision to change and work on my weaknesses and shortcomings.  I have been working on myself body and mind.  I feel great to have reached yet another goal! My one  year Birthday! :)

Stick to it its worth it!

My favorite quote simple yet perfect for me. - "Never, never, never give up."- Winston Churchill



  1. I know you keep saying the gym is boring...have you tried any group fitness classes? Those are the only reason I go to the gym! I teach Zumba (after taking it for 6+ years) and I also love to take step classes, toning classes, etc. I like the classes because I don't have to think about what to do- the teacher tells me! Also, I think once I sort of make "Friends" (as much friends as I can with smalltalk) with the other people, the more consistently I go to the classes.

    1. thats sounds like a great idea. thank you brittney. im doing to try that out. :) ill go to the gym today and check out there class calender. :)