Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 11 restart and counting...

Day 11

I got a little bit side tracked last night. I went over by about 30-50 cals. This is not the end.  Im not gonna act like its the end of the world either. Im actually patting myself on the back for an accomplishment and seeing actual growth in myself! I have been having "aunt flow" cravings all week! Last night, I finally gave in with one of those tiny cookie dough ice creams from dreyers. I ate it slowly and  enjoyed each bight but, what do you know half way through I was done. I really just wanted a little bit of something sweet how crazy is that. Was that me? I only ate half? Since when does that happen? lol But im doing good. Day 11 and just for today i want to choose to eat healthy and be a little better healthier me. We all have our moments right and that moment showed me growth. Lets just not over analyse it either. :) One more week and school starts Woohoo! I also had some delicous baked salmon with potatos and onions. It was delicous as well. :)

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