Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A day for success!

weigh in 216.8

day 3 nonsmoker

        My efforts are being answered. I have gone back to the basics of sticking to my calories and staying on plan. all meat and animal byproducts will be gone starting monday. This will commence my step two of my baby steps. today is wed. started on monday at 217.6 and today at 216.8 almost a pound down in 3 days woo hoo! By the grace of God I have stuck to plan. : ) I dont mean to gloat, well not completly. I must say though my successes must be acknowledged as well. Today I am feeling great and successful because It feels good when the work pays off and I remember to keep giving it my all.  I have been following what I preech. Not only have I been talking the talk but Ive been walking the walk. : ) I just have to remember to do it and that I can do it.

        In most cases thats how many of us are. We know how to do something. We know where to go to accomplish it. We know what we must do. So why then, dont we do it? Most the time its because its simple.  I have learned from AA. Im an Al-Anon member but I love going to AA meetings. The Twelve steps are an amazing life changing program.  The core of this program is to walk the walk before you even talk the talk.  I was speaking with someone in there about how the simplest things are the hardest to accomplish. Why is that?  We were talking and laughing about it.  This person "left unnamed", felt it was because she was an addict/alcholic. Ive been thinking and plan on telling her next time I see her. Its not that at all! We all do it!  We do it in everything we do. None of us want failure. So we avoid it.  The only problem with that is by avoiding failure be become failure and avoid accomplishment.  We make it seem unattainable and keep backing away till it is. Our brains make it so difficult.  Then on the other hand we fight to get the unattainable the things that people tell us we cant have!  When we give ourselves an unbearable goal that we have to break our backs to get, we'll do it.  Only, when asked to do a simple task like, "dont over eat" or "eat more veggies".  Why dont we? 
                  Many a time the human brain makes things much hard than they are. When we receive a simple task that we cant make difficult in our minds. We decide it cant possibly be true and helpful.  So we bypass. "Oh well I cant do it."  It cant possibly be that easy?  Only, it is!  So one thing my therapist tells me to do is to literally coach myself and talk to myself. When Im craving a cigarette. Its so simple, dont have one.  Well I get anxiety thinking I cant possibly do this I need one! So I talk to myself and coax myself out of it.  "your not going to die with out it.  you will be ok. Breathe your living your fine!" I repeat phrases like this to myself outloud.  Although this may seem Psychotic, it works!  Same goes with food. When Im eating something delicous but dont want to stop. I repeat to myself like, "Are you tasting or wasting?  Are you overeating or are you still hungry? " There are many times where 30-40minutes after a meal I am suddenly starving to death! I have to talk myself down jsut like with the cigarettes. I will tell myself, "Remember we just had a full meal 30 minutes ago.  We cant be hungry we just ate? Stop whining your full and being greedy."  These things sound so weird but they truly work. They help you to work out the simple steps and allow your brain to process the positive reinforcemtn of yourself confirming that you can make it through.  Try it the next time you going into an uncomfortable situation, or tackling an obstacle in your life. Talk to yourself and coach yourself. : )

Let me know what you thought of the article. Also if anyone has any requests for what you would like for me to write.  Your requests are always welcomed! Thank you!

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