Thursday, January 3, 2013

Restart 01-04-12 My 24th BDAY! :)

Weight- not sure will be weighing in tomorrow.

Getting back on the Health Wagon.

Well it happened. I fell off the wagon completly. In about 6months i have gained around 15lbs back.  I am back and I pray I am ready to start this up again. I had a stunning realization this morning when my pants would not zip! They are getting to small. (of course I forced)  I dont want to have to force it. I started eating healthy May 2011 because I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to feel healthy. I wanted to gain confidence and self esteem and feel beautiful. Through it all my Fiance' and family have been supportive.  But its time for me to get back on it. So Godwilling Im back and Im gonna do this tomorrow I will be weighing in, in the morning and I will be planning my day in food and excercizing at least 15min.
My First Restart mini goal is to stay on plan for 1 week no matter what comes my way. btw my Birthday is tomorrow to!

Also today I will be making an appointment with my doctor to prescribe me excercize and then I can pay for my membership with untaxed money. : ) Wich will affectivly save me 20-25% on gym bills.  : ) I am going to make an appointment with a nutritionist when I see my doctor as well. 

1st goal- Say on plan for 1 week-
2nd goal- lose 1lb forever-
3rd goal - on plan for 1 month-
4th goal - 10lbs lost-


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