Friday, February 24, 2012

A new day...

weigh in 204.

    So im starting to see that my weightloss is slowing way down. Im really not ready to start excecizing vigorously yet. I am walking more and going up and down stairs more and lots more movement. I have really made up my mind though that I wont be doing really long or planned out excercizing till this summer. I have about a month or two. lol then excercize.  I started this month out at 207.4 i am now at 204. I started January out at 209 and ended at 207.4. January was really my own fault wiith cheats. But February was almost complelty on plan. Sure a couple cheats but nothing big.  My goal was to be at 199 by the end of this month. I have 5 days to do it?  I doubt I can do it but Ill try my best.  I do want to look at my pattern and expect an attainable goal. So for the next 2 months I need to expect lower than if I was excercizing.  I want to expect 5lbs a month for the next two months and hope to go above and beyond. :)
       I also got a note from Loni that my two skirts are going in the mail today. :) So excited. A recap. Loni is the owner of Love to Love you clothing line. She designs and make all the clothes herself. She has been here along the way with anticipating for my goal skirts.  She just finished making my first two! Want to go check out her shop? click here.

In case you forgot what my first two skirts look like here they are.

Goal skirts for 199lbs.

And dont forget summer is just around the corner. Its time to start eating your fruits and veggies again! Get ready for some great info on all your favorite fruits and veggies. I will be answering any questions you have like- Does spinach really clean you out?  Why do prunes make you poo?  What so good about a watermelon?

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