Monday, February 13, 2012

Morning all the stall is over!

weigh in 206.0

Goodmorning all! Life has been a bit busy and crazy lately. Staying on plan and being quite strict with myself!  My goal is 199 by the end of February and Im doing all I can to make it. If I dont make it and have done all I can then fine. But I want to know I tried my best. :)

I also got to order my next goal that I am 11lbs away from!  My next goal at 195lbs.  I cant wait! I ordered them because its going to take a few weeks for them to be made and by that time i should be at my goal! I will not wear them till I get to 195 though. That is most definetly what will keep me going strong as many of you know i have been waiting in anticipation for these skirts for months! lol and now its so close.  To think 3 months ago I still thought I may never get to Onederland but look Im 7lbs away and 11lbs from my first skirt goal!

Do you remember my next goal?

So to recap here are my next couple rewards goals with Loni's lovely skirts!
  1. 195lbs get two skirts!
  2. 180lbs get two skirts!
  3. 160lbs get two skirts!
  4. 140lbs goal do whatever you want!!! LOL

For my first two skirts I decided on....

Enchanted forest Ruffle Skirt
Pac Man Ruffle Bum Skirt
dont forget if you ever want to go checkout Loni's shop. She has great service and is the sweetest thing I've ever met! click here.

Cant wait!
Todays reasons to stay on plan?

1. I want my skirts!
2. I want Onederland!

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