Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hangin on the edge by a thread...

Weigh in 207.8

       This weekend was good. I got to spend some time with my darling Fiance'!  I spent time with my mom to. :) We had a nice BBQ for Superbowl. Really a last minute thing. (But man Martin can BBQ some amazing Ribs!) It was delicous chicken breast and ribs. Then mom made her famous potato salad. The only potato salad that I truely love! :) So it was a pretty good weekend. I have some family things going on but its all in God's hands.
              Im on my 2nd week of being at the same weight and being on plan. I have been on plan for almost two weeks and soon it will be the beggining of my third week.
             Yesterday I went over my calories by a little and sunday and monday to. Im really stressed out by some stuff in my life. Honestly yesterday I was about ready to say F*** this. I was ready to give up. I havent lost in over 2 weeks. I gained 4ounces and Im so stressed and feel like Im going crazy.  I havent journaled in over a week. I feel like everything is falling upart in my life.
      Then I was reading my favorite comic this morning. Its called Chinchat comics. click here to read.  It was all about how things can always get worse. I realized that even though some really horrible things are going on in my life. I still have so much to be thankful for. Even if they are small things. I am healthy, alive, in school, I have my mom, I have 2 amazing brothers, and an amazing Fiance'!  I have so much family its ridiculous and they all love me and are there for me.  Im doing great in one of the hardest classes I have ever taken. (Medical Terminology) I have a job. Thank you God for all the many blessings!

Then I also saw this:

My ticker from 3FC that tracks my weightloss
 I have worked so hard to get to this point! Am I really just going to give it all up? No I know that I have to be stricter though.  I know I need to start excercizing again. I need to live in the solution not the problem. I will not allow the demons of problems to rule my life. I have a choice. Whatever I choose is my choice. I choose happiness and to be healthy. So Im going to be proactiv.  I have to work for it. :)

First Step:
  • Goto work and school
  • study hard
  • control my eating
  • stay at my calorie limit
  • smile
  • Be grateful to God
Today I will own my First Step!

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