Wednesday, January 18, 2012

my next goal!

weigh in 209.6

enchanted forest skirt

My month end goal is 199. Not so sure I will make it but Im going to do my best to make it. I still have almost 2weeks left and Im on plan and staying on plan. :) But my next goal with a reward is at 195.  I will be getting two handmade skirts I have been dieing for, for over a year! Im a little obsessed with Etsy and I have always loved these skirts from Loni. Her shop is called love to love you and I do!  There are about 6 skirts that I have made goals for different times. I have decided to get these skirts in twos.  The first two I will be getting is the Enchanted forest and then i cant decide wich other one to get first. So Im still deciding on the second one. I have 14.6lbs to go and then I get to my first set of skirts goal! : )
    Loni is a great designer and creator. She has been so sweet and wonderful through this whole process. I have been updating her on a monthly basis for about 5-6months.  It started out with me telling her that I wanted to make two of her adorable skirts in to mini-goal rewards. I told her how I didnt know what size I would be yet but that I really wanted some of her skirts. She was so delighted to be a part of my goals. Wich was great and refreshing to hear. So we have been writing back and forth for months and now I am so clos and I cant wait!!!! So I have decide that when I get to 195lbs I will be getting to of her skirts as a mini-goal reward. : )  I will be 2.5lbs past 50% to my goal weight! So I think that is a great point to get a reward! : ) It will be 60lbs of loss! 

So here are my goals with Loni's lovely skirts!
  1. 195lbs get two skirts!
  2. 180lbs get two skirts!
  3. 160lbs get two skirts!
  4. 140lbs goal do whatever you want!!! LOL

Here are the other skirts I want as well. I think this is going to be the best part of losing weight. Great Health and Shopping!!! I love buying clothes already and now even more!

Pacman Skirt

I dream of jeannie ruffle skirt

Splatter ruffle skirt

Evergreen Ruffle

Check please ruffle

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