Monday, June 11, 2012

MOnday baby steps...

weigh in 200 even

This Photo does know justice for the beauty I witnessed.

I did a good job this weekend. I stayed within my calories pretty much and ate pretty healthy. Me and the fiance' even went to Black Angus. :) That was yummy.  I had a good weekend with him and wishing i was still there.

Right before the sun went down.

        The weekend started out a little bit crazy. I drove up to Bakersfield but ahd a huge detour! I got stuck in the Castaic Mountains due to a brush fire.  I was stuck in a piece of traffic for 3.5hrs and went two miles in that time. I watched a movie on my phone. Wich was called, "The New Muslim Cool" It was an interesting movie.  Then the Firemen closed of the freeway so I took my trusty little cumpass (iphone) and i mapped myself an alternate route.  It was 118miles out of the way. Wooh this was gonna be a day. I started driving through these winding roads and I suddenly had this weird feeling. I started to slow and look around realizing how beatiful and  gorgeous everything was. There were trees desert plants like yuccas.  They were everywhere!  I stopped on the sider to take a few pictures. It was aboslutely amazing! I couldnt beleive how at home I felt. I felt like I was in New Mexico on my way to Chillile.  It was such a great gift from God. I was annoyed that I had this detour but if it hadnt have been this way i could have never received this gift.  Then as i was driving i found a shorter short cut so it was a 40mile detour instead of 118... but i wouldnt have traded it for anyhting. :) 
     Had a great time with my fiance' hung out went out to eat and I ate pretty good.  I was by no means perfect but pretty good. :) I also discovered Trader Joe's Mochi Icecream yesterday! Holy Zola! Those things are delicous and 100cals a pop. : ) I had the Mango ones and I cant wait to try the strawberry and green tea flavors. :)
     Today I start my day with some Coffee and Mochi with a banana. Lol not the best breakfast but we are not perfect we are progressing. :) Progress not perfection.  I have planned most of my cals for the day already and have some left over for any unexpected or needed snack in the afternoon. :) Baby steps. I got stick to it.

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