Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lovely day, Lovely day.

Weigh in at 201.00

Still hanging around the same weight since monday. Good news Im doing pretty good. I have a cheat last night with my dad a half of a sandwich at Lee's. Yum yum. lol but other than that in plan. I wasnt stuffed just a cheat.  Had a great time with my dad.
Tonight I have a dentist app. that may lead to a tooth being pulled. I have weak teeth. Wich led to 12 route canals from the age of 11 on. Well the first one I ever got is done for. So here we go. I also have to get two of my route canals retreated. Its either that or pull them to. Its to bad I have weak teeth but things can always be worse. Im blessed in many ways and nobodies perfect. As far defects go, Ill take it lol.
Today I am on plan. I have planned out my food for the day and I have left some wiggle room for something else i might want today. I have pear and apple on the side. Just in case. :)
Today is also my brothers birthday! Happy Birthday James. :)

Love you brother!

In the end any day alive is a lovely day. :)

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