Thursday, June 7, 2012

Baby steps day 2...

weigh in 202.00

          Good morning guys weighed in at 202.  I guess two days of completely on plan is working. Who would have thunk it? Jeez all i have on my mind is food. Like I literally just stared at my bag of strawberries for the last hour off and on.  All the while thinking, should I eat these now or later? When I should have thought. Am I hungry or bored?  I'm hungry. So lets do this. :)  Ha ha so funny how I think sometimes.  Maybe you can relate.  How I think to myself should I eat it or shouldn't I?  The thing is though, that question is valid but, its not enough.  One: I should ask am I hungry or am I bored? Two: This piece of nourishment, is it healthy and beneficial for my body? Three: This food, is it in plan?  If I can answer these questions and the answers are: I'm hungry, its healthy, and its in plan.  Then I should go for it guilt free. My problem is feeling guilty with just about anything.  The act of eating feels great feels like life and nourishment. Sometimes I even get a sort of high or mood boost.  Only after eating I feel guilty and resentful. So I need to take it slow.  Start with checking my motives.  Then make a decision and enjoy.   I believe food should be enjoyable that's why our Higher Power made food taste good. Although in the end it is nourishment and energy for our bodies. That's what it needs to be treated as. So today and forever more I will do my best to deal in one day at a time. I will work on balance today and the next.

My food plan for the day

86 Cal's leftover in case i feel hungry in the evening and i can have an orange or kiwi or something small. :)

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