Monday, October 24, 2011

baby steps in life.

day 6 nonsmoker
weigh in 216.2

Today is feeling like a baby steps kind of day.  Just flowing with the day. Im almost to the end of my 90days personal challenge and im not going to make it. Ive also realized my hopes were a little to high. I knew I wasnt working out because of school and I knew Im still not the greatest with sticking to a completly healthy plan. i.e: pizza. although its in my calorie budget its not that nutrient filled lol.  So i lost 1.8lbs over the weekend. : ) but now since im completly and utterly broke its time for me to really watch what I eat. No  breaking down and going to the lunchtruck. (even if she doesnt charge me till payday) Today my dad sent me with two salmon steaks some mashed patatoes and greenbeans for lunch! So excited. : ) Today sticking to a healthy calorie plan and not going over on calories. thats the baby step goal for today. : )

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