Monday, October 31, 2011

hanging on till the end.

weighed in 217.
day one nonsmoker (will we ever get past 6 days?)

Morning everyone.  I had a crazy week. I had a training course at work so I wasnt around much to post any new articles.  Then this weekend I moved in with my aunt. So I finished this week at 217.  One pound up from last week.  Im ok with that though. I wasnt trying very hard during traing and moving. I chose to take the better alternative when it arose. I.E: salad instead of big greasy burger. or cheesy patato soup but no bread. Fish and beans but no tortillas.   So I did much better then what I could have. I started my day today with a bowl of cereal. Haha and now Im rembering that as of tomorrow Nov. 1st I am officially vegan for a month. so what to do for breakfast. Rice milk time. : ) Im back on plan for today though. : )

The end justifies the means. As many of you know I have been having a tough time hanging on.  It has as of today been 6 months since I started this lifetime journey. I have lost 38lbs. It is a huge accoplishment for me. : ) But im finding it tough to stick to plan. especially around all these holidays.  (NOvember is birthday month in my family at least 10bdays) While losing 38lbs is a huge accomplishment I still have 77 to go.  How do I find the will to keep going? How do I hold on?
  1. Visualize- One of the greatest things I have ever read was about visualizing the end result. What is it  that you are striving to succeed. Visualize why it means so much to you.  Why do you want it so badly and what do you think it will change? What will be different for you? What will you be able to do that you wouldnt have been able to do? What will you accomplish?
  2. Make a list of goals and your visualizations-  Everyone knows Im obsessed with list making. Why? I am obsessed with lists because no matter how much you imagine and visualize.  Those dreams never seem real till we make them concrete. My favorite way to make them concrete is through a list.  Your dreams seem more real and attainable when your able to touch them and look at them.
  3. Check off your list.- Whats the point of visualizing and making goals if you never record when they are met? By looking and seeing the mini goals you have accomplished it will keep you inspired for the next round of a mini plateu or a small let down. You will be able to see the big picture. : )

Here are my examples.

My Why's and Visualizations for my weightloss and journey to health:
1. is to feel confident
2. feel comfortable in clothing (any clothing)
3. feel good in a bathing suit
4. go horseback riding
5. go rock climbing
6. run after my nephews without getting tired
8. feel sexy
9. dress sexy for my BF
10. shop at any store i want
11. love buying clothes
12. be happy
13. run a marathon
14. take a pose on a car
15. getting my nails done and knowing that my finished hands are just an accessory not the only thing i think looks pretty
16. live a long and healthy life
17. have children without it being high risk
18. twist and bend how I want
19. run with my dog
20. Know Im living life to the fullest

 Mini Goals Acheived and Future Goals:
  1. Lose a pound- 5/03/11
  2. Lose 5lbs- 5/10/11
  3. Lose 10lbs-5/27/11
  4. Stick with journey for 1 month-6/01/11
  5. Lose 10% of goal weight(11.5lbs)-6/12/11
  6. Lose 15lbs-6/24/11
  7. Acheive a full 10days on plan (no cheats)- 7/20/11
  8. Lose 20lbs-7/21/11
  9. Stick with journey for 3 months-8/01/11
  10. Lose 25lbs-8/05/11
  11. Lose 25% of goal weigh(28.75lbs)-9/06/11
  12. Lose 30lbs-9/10/11
  13. Lose 35lbs-10/05/11
  14. Weigh 220lbs So that I can ride a horse- 10/05/11
  15. Lose 30% of goal weight(34.5lbs)-10/06/11
  16. Quit smoking for good- 10/25/11
  17. Stick with journey for 6 months-
  18. Stick with journey for 1year-
  19. Lose 40% of goal weight(46lbs)-
  20. Lose 50% of goal weight(57.5lbs)-
  21. Go horseback riding-
  22. Lose 40lbs-
  23. Lose 45lbs-
  24. Lose 50lbs-
  25. Pant size 9-
  26. Go for 2weeks to the gym everyday-
  27. Make Goal-
  28. nonsmoker for 1week-
  29. nonsmoker for 1month-
  30. nonsmoker for 6months-
  31. Run a mile at running pace-

Have a great day all! Do anything you can to keep holding on! : )

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