Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what to do when your not seeing results?

1 day non smoker
weigh in ??? didnt weigh in today

          So last night I went way off plan. : (   I have been feeling really down and nervous about moving and about my plan seeming not to be working anymore. I know that me moving is for the best. I cant sleep almost every night and if I cant sleep how is my mind supposed to be healthy?  I will still be seeing my family everyday so I know I will be fine.  its just making this jump thats got me so nervous.
          Also last night I went out to dinner with a great friend I havent seen in a while. We had a wonderful time catching up and talking.  We ended up having a huge dinner.  We had appetizer and meal. lol! We were stuffed.  I havent felt that stuffed in a very long time and I didnt like it at all! Then after dinner I had a cigarette. So I feel pretty bad about that to. 
         Then the last few weeks I have been losing so slowly. Its really wearing me down. Im trying to look at the big picture here but its been getting a bit tough. This blog is supposed to be for myself to figure out my plans and write out my thoughts on paper. So thats what Im doing. I need to completly change my plan I think. Its not working right now and hasnt been working to well for a while. I think its time for actually eating HEALTHY again. When I first started I was eating half organic and half regualar. but basically all fruits and veggies. Its time for that again. No more fattening foods within my calories. The Only problem I face right now? Totally and completly flat broke till Friday!  I want to be good now and start my plan now but I cant. I feel like Im going to be down in the dumps till Friday.  I dont really like the idea of that though. So, I know I have to make the best of it.
        I know that till Friday, I can only plan for my new plan.  So that just what I will do.  

New Plan of Action till December 1st:
1.  Food intake-
  • Stick to calories
    • Count calories
      • keep track on Loseit app.
    • Eat only when hungry
      • if im not hungry and eat under my calories one day the next day I will probably be more hungry and i can take from the calories of the previous day.
      • if im still not hungry well then my body doesnt want it.
  • Eat only Raw foods
    • Any type of fruit or veggie
    • 2/3's - veggies  / 1/3 fruits
      • remember there are only so many fruits and veggies so choose wisely and make sure to plan a variety
      • shop for 2-3 days at a time
    • Can not be cooked except on Fridays and Saturdays (i.e veggie burger treat)
    • watch the starches
    • no processed grains, meat, or dairy- till December 1st (except on thanksgiving/ and Halloween)
2. Excercize
  • Excercize clause
    • excercize for at least 10min everyday
      • it can be walking, situps, video, or anything but for at least 10min a day
        • try for more than ten but if unable at least ten
  • Walk  more
    • walk to stores and destination whenever possible
      • i.e- Target, Stater Bros., Sprouts, Nina's
3. November Weightloss Goals
  • Lose 8lbs
  • Stick to Plan
  • Excercize for at least 10minute each day.
  • Designated cheat days- Thanksgiving, Mom's Birthday, and Halloween.
  • Start date October 28th
  • End date December 1st

Feeling alot better now that I have my plan mapped out. : )

From today on I will eat as healthy as possible with the resources I have at hand now.

"In eating, a third of the stomach should be filled with food, a third with drink and the rest left empty."

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