Friday, October 21, 2011

A new tweek to plan... and Friday!

day 3 nonsmoker
weigh in 217.6

      Its Friday and the week is just about over.  Woo hoo cant wait till works over to. This weekend my BF wont be coming down to visit. I wont be going up to visit either.  So this weekend is a focuse on protein. My plan consists mainly of calorie counting. I want to see if I can switch it up a bit though. For the last few weeks I have not been losing during the week and have been losing very slowly on the weekends. My 90 day goal challenge for myself will be over in 9 days. My weightloss has slowed significantly. I planes to lose 30lbs. I have lost 13lbs so far. I ahve 17lbs left. I know I will not force myself into harm in order to make that goal. I just realise that I need to change some stuff up.  I have a daily allottment of 1,582 cals. Wich is a 1000 calorie deficit for my body type. This weekend I will only be eating non carb fruits and veggies and lots and lots of protein! I have the beef jerkey and the nuts to prove it! We will see how it stirs up my body and if its working well I will continue it through the rest of the month. : )

A couple of things to remember with counting your calories.  Dont ever go over 1000 calorie deficit and dont eat under 1200 cals.  Also never forget to calculate your calories for your individual weight, height, and age.  If you need a calorie calculator please visit:  I use its been quite accurate for me. : )

Day 3 nonsmoker- Yes Im actually in day 3 and i cant beleive it! Today I purchased a bag of beef jerky and a jar of nuts. lol today i will be snacking on both of them all day long! lol Not smoking make me have cravings and a bit of a hungry harry.  I also have been having some major mood swings good thing the BF isnt here. He may find me to be a real witch. (replaced with a capital B...)  Truly thats no understatement that comes from my own point of view.

Also another mini goal is slowly creeping up: 18.6lbs till I get these skirts.
My goal of Onederland comes with at least 2 of these four skirts and the other two shortly after. : ) Cant wait till 199!


The owner is the sweetest she is holding material for these handmade skirts just for me!
If youd like to visit or go shop! check it out!

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