Friday, December 2, 2011

Planning Your Weightloss Program

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weigh in 214.8! .2 down from yesterday. : )

I'm doing great! My darling BF will be here soon! I cant wait! We will be spending the weekend together. : )

My weight loss buddy brought me to a stunning conclusion today of why planning is so important.  Why so many of us say, "I'm just the type who cant lose." or why we yo yo.  SO, today is all about why planning is so huge in your weight loss journey!

Why planning your weight loss plan works.
  • Calories in vs. Calories out- It really doesn't matter which diet you choose. It all boils down to your calories. Calories are a unit of measure measure the energy our bodies burn. It varies from person to person. If you plan out your calories you know where to draw you lines and you can tweak it from there. You want to create a deficit which will make your body it its store energy i.e.(fat).  Every ones deficit is different so if you would like to know your plug it into the cal calculator.  My calories are at 1567cals a day with a deficit of 1000cals a day. which should even out to 2lbs. a week. Here is about how much i can eat.
    • For example, lets say your eating 1400 cals/day.
      • you can have a fast food burger and fries and there goes all your calories
        • Big Mac- 540cals
        • Large French Fries- 500cals
        • Large Coke- 150 cals
        • total: 1190
        • you just spent just about all your cals on one meal that will keep you overly stuffed for 2-3 hrs and then you will be hungry again.  And ultimately will most likely end up binging.
      • Or you can have a varied day like this-
        • breakfast-
          • oatmeal serving-160cal
          • cup of strawberries-46cals
        • snacks-
          • healthy pop single serve-180cals
        • lunch-
          • Lean cuisine bake chicken-310 cals
        • snack-
          • brie cheese 2 tablespoons- 90cals
          • wafer crackers 10pcs-66cals
        • dinner-
          • 3oz beef-184
          • 1/2 rice-83cals
          • a-1 sauce 1 tablespoon- 15cals
          • soy sauce 2 tablespoons-20cals
        • snack
          • fiber one chocolate bar-140cals
        • snack
          • Apple- 105cals
        • grand total: A whopping: 1399cals 
        • This is basically my plan for today.
  • Plan your day in the morning
    • If you plan your day in the morning according to your habits then you have a better chance for success. For example, I like to snack so I leave room for plenty of snacking. After a while your plan will become habit to what you can or cant eat or what you want to squeeze in and how to work around it. For example, when I know I will eat out I eat lots of veggies because they are filling and low in calories as well as making sure I get fiber because, fiber is also low in calories and keeps you fuller longer.
  • Tracking-
    • Keep track of what you've done. What works for you? What doesn't work so well? We are all different so all of us have a different comfort zone.  So find yours and you will be set.
      • If you don't want to do the old fashioned pen to paper journal try out one of these free sites:
        • Fit Day
        • Lose it!- (I use this app on my phone. You can use it on the web or in an app)

  • If you plan and track your day, you will have your guidelines. The line will no longer be blurry and you will what and what not to do. You will also learn yourself and learn how to make it work for you.  Remember planning, support, and bit of will power is all you need. OH! and... ACTION! So put it it into action!

  • Thought of something else that seems to hang me up sometimes and I think my weight loss buddy is feeling the same way today. So I hope it helps. An idea nothing more. : )

  • She has 1200-1400 cals a day.  Lets go with 1400 for today since she will be eating out for dinner with her family today.   If my calorie budget was 1400 cals this is what my day would look like when I want to eat like normal but save as many cals as possible for dinner.
    1. Where are you going? How many calories do you want to save?
      • Lets say I want to save 900 cals for dinner (it can be done)
    2. How many cals do I have for the day?
      • I have 500cals before i go to dinner
    3. This could be tough but lets make it more attainable
      1. We are going to treat this day like a snack day. Tiny meals but plenty of them. The goal is 5 small meals till dinner so lets say its 10hrs till dinner eat every 2hrs. 15hrs then eat every 2.5hrs.
      • breakfast- oatmeal single serving-150cals
        • oatmeal is high in fiber and will keep you full for 3-5hrs
      • snack-banana 7inches- 105cals
        • also high in fiber and will keep you full with low cal
      • snack-1 cups of strawberries- 45cals
        • sweet and tasty and low in cals
      • lunch-
        • laughing cow cheese wedge- 35cals
        • wafer crackers5- 33cals
        • 10 baby carrots- 35cals 
      • snack-
        •  10 4" celery sticks -6cals
        • 1 tablespoon peanut butter-94cals 
      • Total: 503cals
    4. When you go to the restaurant be happy you earned it! remeber to stick to your 900 cals. Dont be afraid to ask for a nutrional menu. : )

How do you put it into action? tell us your thoughts.
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Have a great Weekend!

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