Friday, December 9, 2011

Vitamins= better health

weighed in at 212.4!!!

  I honestly don't quite believe my eyes. We are only 9 days into the month and I've lost 3lbs already! Quite happy with that. Hopefully it will allow me a healthy little cushion for Christmas. All is well. I will be going to my Darling BF's house this weekend. Although I will be studying the entire flipping time its OK Ill get to see him. : ) I haven't posted much this week due to finals and next week will probably be even more barren. After that we will be back and running! Hope all is well!

Vitamins = Better Health
    So the reason why your continuously hearing, "You must have a balanced healthy diet!", its because you need all your essential vitamins.  Vitamins are the little workers in your body that help keep things going. Vitamins give your body energy and focus.   Yes it is best to get our vitamins from our food. Unfortunately because of over used soil most over our fruits and veggies don't contain the amount of vitamins we need. We really do need that much that's why its a good idea to take some supplements. It wont hurt but it will guarantee you got all your vitamins for the day.
        On one hand you may be thinking eh Ive done without them all this time. Sure you have because how you feel is whats your reality(your normal).  I have felt the same way for years.  I started taking a few vitamins a day in just the past 2 weeks. I have already seen and felt a major difference!!!  I am able to focus better at work and school. I am sleeping better through the night and I am actually waking up with energy! Try it out it cant hurt, can it? 
     Why I haven't tried it till now? I couldn't afford it! Vitamins are expensive! BUT BUT BUT! I found a wonderful little deal that will cost you $5.00 every two weeks! Walmart now has an end cap with vitamins for $0.88 each. They come with 15 capsules each which is enough for two weeks and one day. So now you have no excuses except maybe which one should i get? Well here's an example of what I use.

  • Women's once daily-  This is a great one stop shop.  Take a Women's once a day supplement. Or Men's once a day supplement depending on your gender. This will knock out what the average person needs in a day.  Then if you feel like you need some other vitamins check them out.
  • B-12- I also like to take vitamins B-12. This vitamin promotes focus and energy. Your body has more energy with this little guy. Your brain can more easily focus as well.
  • B Complex- I found this great article click on here for more info. Vitamin B's are need for almost every bodily function performed daily. Do you really want to be low on that?
  • Vitamin C- Is known as the healthy immune system promoter, it is full of antioxidents, and is an antihisthimine. For more click here.
  • Vitamin E- I like to take vitamin E because it promotes skin health and softness. Your body needs very little in order to use vitamin E fully and its great when you start to see the results!
  • Fish Oils- are suggested to improve many things i.e: mental health, anxiety, depression, and more. if you would like more info take a look at this article. here.
Hope this is inciteful! Have a wonderful day! Dont forget to subscribe. : )

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