Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 2 of Mini restart.

weigh in 203.4.

Today is my second day of my mini restart day. I had 3 goals i had set myself to stick to.  First was to sign up for the gym and I did. :)  Second was to stick to plan wich i did stick to plan.  Third was to stick to my calories. I went 34cals over. It isnt horrible but its an overage and i dont want it to happen again.
     Im so glad I signed up for the gym again. :)

March 7th goals.

1st: I will stick to plan.
2nd: I will stick to my calories to the T.
3rd: I will go to the gym today and get reaquainted with a workout. :)

These are my goals for the day and Im gonna do my best to accomplish them! :)

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