Monday, January 16, 2012

back to work..monday blues


   Today i weighed in at 209.8.  I'm a little blue since i had to leave my fiance. : ( But we had a wonderful weekend. His family threw a very sweet engagement party for us. it was very nice of his mom. : )  So now his mom has started an album and everything. : ) I will be going down there again this weekend and I'm going to try another tactic at staying on plan while I'm there. I am going to bring my scale with me. So that way I am held accountable each day I am there. :)

So before I went on a hiatus, I had said I was going to talk about eating disorders and eating problems. While talking with my future father-in-law I realized there is another huge problem that many overweight people deal. What is it? The sensation of feeling full. I personally dont feel FULL unless I stuff myself and I feel sick and 30min after any meal no matter the size I will be hungry again.  I never feel full or get satisfied completly. I have learned that to feel partly statisfied is normal.  Its normal for me and full is just something i dont get right now. Maybe one day but not right now.  I cant help but wonder, why? Why dont I ever feel full? Why dont many people ever feel satisfied?

  • A mental manifesto for a physical feeling-  Possibly we might feel empty inside. You might feel alone and like you have no one for support. That could be reason for never feeling full.
  • Years of overeating-  For we havent paid much attention to the signals of our bodies.  Our bodies are telling us they are full we just arent listening. So start listening to all the signs that your body starts giving you. I garauntee you will be surprised.
  • Comfort-  Many of us use food as a source of comfort. This is why when on a weightloss journey you should not have goal prizes that are food.  Many of us turn to food like a safety net. Concealing us from the scary outside world.
  • Love of food-  you may love food but it should be an unhealthy relationship. I know I have just started a healthier relationship with food and it has done wonders for so many aspects of why i had so much weight.
Thats about all I can think of. If you can think of anymore let me know! Have a great day everyone!

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