Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to work and school...

weigh in 208.8

Ok holidays and breaks are completely over. Its time to kick it into gear. School is starting again. Today I vow to stay on plan and do my best today.  I have nothing but today so thats my plan.

Over the weekend at my Darling Fiance's I maintained mostly and lost a little. I lost .8 of a pound.  I had an engagement dinner and a pizza dinner as well so that worked out really well. two cheat meals and the rest was on plan. :)  We had a wonderful weekend together.

My sister and I went shopping and I gained a new NSV! I fit into Wet Seals's size 15pants!!! Its amazing because I have never been able to shop at Wet Seal for bottoms!!! Wich means I've reached another mini goal!   I will be posting some pics asap! : ) Have a wonderful day everyone and stay on plan! : )

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