Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 3FC End of the year goal challenge

Weigh in 209.2

Im working on getting back to my pre- new year weight of 207. It is my birthday today so I am going to be having a maintaining day. : )  I just went to go update my end of the year challenge and look what i found out!!! I won the challenge!!! I had the most weightloss in lbs at 33.4lbs lost, and then I had the most percentage in total body weight lost aswell at 13.89%!!!!  I would have never thought I could win something like this! : ) Today is a good day. : ) I also made my December weightloss challenge my goal was to be 209 by December 31st. I was at 207 on December31st. Then New years celebrations came along lol. But i did do it. : )

I am Jessica2231 and for the 3FC End of the year challenge I lost the most in weight and percentage!!!!

I was also a part of the 18% of people who made there December Weightloss challenges.

So now its time to make mini-goals for January!

My goal for Jamuary is to get to Onederland!!! By the end of January I want to be at 199lbs.

If you would like to join the January daily weigh in at 3FC click here.

Here is where I am at today.

Next Mini-Goal to set is to Join the summer bikini weightloss challenge.

Im starting the challenge out at 210.2 from mondays weigh in and my goal for 25weeks is to be at 40lbs loss.   That will be a little of an 18% loss by June 18th.  On this challenge I will weigh in on Mondays. Heres to my summer goal challenge!!!
If you would like to join click here.

Ive joined the challenge

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