Tuesday, January 31, 2012

School has Begun

Weigh in 207.4

I started school yesterday. This week has been so crazy with get ready for school and everything. lol I had my first class of Medical Terminology last night. It was fun. I think this class is going to be alot of fun. It will be tough but fun.  I decided to hold off on Anatomy/Physiology till next semester so that I could focus well on Med. Term.  Today is my free day in the week wich i will be using to study.  Wed. i have my Human Sexuality course. Thursday I have English critical thinking. : )


Here is a recap of the last weeks events:

Today I made corn masa homemade pizzas:
1/4 cup corn masa dough- 110 cals
Tomato sauce 2tsp- 4cals
1/2ounce ground beef- 15cals
Mozzerella Cheese 1/8 ounce- 11cals
total per pizza- 140

Me and Jacquelene(My sissy) played Mancala for the first time in years. It was alot of fun. I also taught her how to play Phase 10. So we had a nice relaxing evening of fun. :)  

Last butnot least My wonderfully all natural Honeycomb. I finally found it a few weeks ago.  I have been eating way to much of it lol. Its so delicous and so good for me. :) If you dont remember how good honey is go check out this!
1 tablespoon of honey has 64 calories, and one tablespoon of sugar has 46 calories.  The difference other than your thinking honey has more calories?  Well honey is gold! Many ancient civilizations even used honey as gold or a form of money.  There are many religous backgrounds that state the healing power of honey.  Islam, Christianity, and more.  The bee so small and insignificant is more important than most people know.
Honeys many benefits:  Cancer prevention, honey has carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumour properties in it.  It is an Immune system builder and all around wellness booster, and boosts metabolism. If you have arthritus you can eat honey and it will reduce joint pain, if you have diabetes you can eat honey and it will actually stabilize your sugar. Honey really does sooth a sore throat and heal cuts and burns. The point? Eat more honey!!!!

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