Monday, November 14, 2011

Falling off the wagon...

didnt weigh in
1 day nonsmoker

         So I saw my BF this weekend and once again The weekend brought on vacation fever. Friday we went out to eat late at night and had Pho. Saturday I stayed within my calories.  Sunday I over ate like no ones bussiness!  I ate at Sizzlers for lunch all you can eat buffet. Ive decided no more buffets. Then my sister took me to a delicous French restauraunt. Although I only ate twice on staurday. Im pretty positive I ate at least 2800 cals if not more. That buffet killed me! I stuffed myself and then felt sick and horrible after. It wasnt healthy food either so i felt literally sick and sluggish. My BF also felt sick hes been eating really well to and we both felt like crap from eating unhealthy food. Not happening again.
       For the last 7weeks I have been teitering at 216-219. Why am I doing this to myself? Yes I know Im doing it to myself. Its not plateu or anything like that. Its me. I get to 215 or 216 and I go off plan. I dont really understand why. I know that when I get there I finally feel great Im back there. Then Im back to 219.  This is definetly yoyoing. I dont want it to get out of control. so I have a new goal. Raw food diet will have to be put off for a little while. I have to rewrap my head around calorie counting. My goal is to go 7full days on plan. No matter what!  Starting to day. I will not be weighing in till Friday. Lord give me strength.

day 1 of 7day challenge.
On Plan-Counting Calories

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