Friday, November 4, 2011

Whats that? Breakfast... but im not hungry yet...

Wake up Wake up Wake up!!! Eggs and Bakie! OOps no Oatmeal and Coffee!

Weighed in at 218
1 day non smoker (screwed up again)

Morning all. I am feeling a bit better today. Im not at 100% but getting there. Im enjoying my delicious non animal product breakfast. and am enjoy my tad bit of creamer coffee. I actualy got my favoritist latte they have at Starbucks. THE EGGNOG LATTE!!!!  I absolutely love it! muahahahahah. Oh and my oatmeal was cooked with hot water at about 105-110F. There for still raw. : ) Ive been doing pretty good with this raw stuff. forgotten a couple times and eaten a tad of cheese. This is definetly a learning process though so all in all doing well. I hope to hear how everyone else is doing as well. : )

For today I wanted to talk about Healthy breakfast's that promote mind and body health. There are a few questions we have to ask ourselves first. What even constitutes a healthy breakfast? Why do I need a healthy breakfast? 
               Well you need a healthy start to get your mind and body going of course.  We wake up on the go and expect our minds and our bodies to be ready to go as well. Most of the time when I wake I know I feel sluggish. So I take my time getting ready and when I get to work is when I really wake up. I get my oh so "important" coffee and my breakfast.   Our healthy breakfast will help us to be on our "A game" as they say. It will allow our brains to function properly. 
Now what exactly constitutes a healthy breakfast?  All over the place you see so many different descriptions of what a healthy brekafast is.  What it all boils down to is: Protein and Fiber.   The secret of a healthy breakfast is no secret at all get your fiber and your protein. Then your set. Whatever your healthy weight may be that is the same amount in grams that you need of protein a day.  My healthy weight for example is 130-145lbs. So I need at least 130-145grams of protein a day. For your fiber it is suggested that the average person gets 20-35grams of fiber a day.  So now how much do you need in your breakfast? Well that all depends on what your healthy weight is?
My breakfast breakdown goes as follows-
130-145grams protein needed
So if i have four meals and eat 37grams of protein and 9grams of fiber with each one im good.

My morning breakfast Nutrition:
As you can see with my breakfast of Oatmeal, coffee, and a protein shake. I have eaten the needed fiber and protein for this portion of my day. : )

Need some breakfast ideas?
(raw foods only for now)

  1. 2cups oatmeal, and a prtoein shake
  2. 14cup of nuts and 2cups oatmeal
  3. 2 apples and protein shake
and many more like this. : )
Need more ideas? Google it!

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