Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sticking to a weightloss plan.

10 Great Steps to Sticking to it!

  1. Having Support- Support is key in many respects.  When you are feeling down or are feeling as if nothing is working. Confiding in someone can help tremendously. Get yourself a fitness buddy or support buddy. This person is to be there for you whine and carry on with. This person is there to help you keep on track. Most of all this person is there so you can run and tell them all your triumphs!
  2. Keep up your guard- Your environment is yours to mold.  Dont keep snacks that will break your plan around you.  Why would you want to stare at a choclate bar and not eat it?  Keep up your guard and knowingly guard yourself from things like this in your environment. Also remember that not everyone around you is on a diet. Do your best to go into every social situation with a plan.  Your not going to have the indulgences that everyone else gets to have. They are maintaining and you are losing but, dont be so sad if you stick to it. You will be there soon enough as well. : )
  3. Actually plan your plan out- Have a plan! That may sound like a duh should have followed that sentence.  Lets go ahead and think back at all of our failed diets... ok did you have a well thought out plan? did you have the details on pape? did you forget you were dieting alot of the time?
  4. Water-  Water is so important.  Did you know?  That many times when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty! The average person should be drinking 6-8 8oz. glasses of water a day or 4 bottles of water a day. On top of that any liquid that is ingested other than water should be matched with the same amount in water. So for example: You have had 4 bottles of water today but, you also had 8oz of coffee, 8 oz, of orange juice, and 8 oz. of coke. So that means you still need to drink 24oz. more of water before the day is out. With all that liquid in you, who has the room to over eat? hmmm we might have a point here?
  5. Journal- A plan isnt a plan without it being on paper. When you write out your personal plan there is now something concrete and physical you can feel and touch. You now have a reference to what your plan actually is. You can also track your progress now.
  6. Goals-  Every plan should have goals! Not only goals but mini goals.  Here are some of my goals.  Mini goals are the best because you acheive them much more than your overall goal.  These mini goals will keep you going and allow you to go one baby step at a time.  We can get overwhelmed by the end result so its best to cut your journey into tiny little chunks.
  7. Rewards- Reward yourself. Maybe not every mini goal but like every other mini goal give yourself some rewards.  Many suggest you dont use food as a goal.  For me I charecterize a few instances as ok for food rewards. I.E: there was a new French restauraunt I have been dieing to goto. So i made it a reward. : )  Otherwise clothes or outings are great rewards.  Especially clothes because if were doing our plan right were going to need alot of new clothes! : )
  8. Customize your plan to fit you- We are all different. Some people can say to them selves i will not have any choclate till i reach goal. Then they can do it. For me I cant deprive myself of things or else I go crazy. I allow fro portion control. Then others may need portion control for sweets but can cut out meat all together. Or someone might realize there body hold onto bread to much.  Everyone is different and you should figure out wich diet senarios work for you. The main idea is calories in vs calories out. For that you can use a calorie calculator.  All of the in between is upto you to customize.
  9. Love yourself- Fat to thin doesnt mean rainbows and roses.  We dont get the perfect life when we get skinny. life is still life. If you dont love yourself now. then you wont love yourself when you get to goal either. So start working on yourself now.  If you need therapy go. I do I find it the best way to work on your innerself. others may feel yoga or meditation is the best way. Its all up to you. Just love you for you!
  10. Commit- I want to lose weight. I dream of losing weight. I think about how to do it. I have the perfect thoughts of the exact way i will do it. Then do it and stick to it! Start you new plan and life today!  Commit and stay committed. There will be highs and lows dont quit in either. Set your mind on it and make it happen!
Let me know what else you think would help others to stick to it?

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