Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fruits and veggies in winter.

weigh in 215.2

Today I am back to 215.2. : ) Im pretty sure I will be stalling for the next 3-5days due to TOM.  So here we go with sticking to plan and not seeing an results. Im ready. let do this!  Yesterday I was pretty much on plan I went a little over by 70cals. I had a mini cupcake. It was delicous. : )

I find it very hard to eat any Fruits and Veggies in the winter.  I am a firm beleiver in listening to my bodies instincts... well some of them, but I am a firm beleiver in eating with the seasons. Scientifically or spiritually it seems that fruits and veggies have seasons for a reason.  For example, try finding a watermelon. You pretty much cant. Well, maybe Jamaica can but they can just zip the lip. Cuz there already in Jamaica why make us even more jealous?  Any who, I wanted to figure out wich veggies and fruits are in season. I want to go looking for them see if I crave them. : ) It should be interesting.

Winter Fruits and Veggies.

Acorn Squash
Butternut Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Swiss Chard

Here is a great nutritional fact website that helps me when trying to decipher between what the heck a Parsnip is or a British Endive. Click here.

Heres another link with some of my favorite reasons to even eat fruits and veggies. click here. Why should we eat them? What benefits do they have?

MMMMmm! Im already craving artichokes and Butternut Squash!

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