Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Diet and Holidays

weigh in at 215.4

Goodmorning everyone. I weighed in this morning at 215.4.  Had a great night sleep and back to work.  I also found out last night that tonight I will be going to Santa Rosa, CA. SO excited to see my family!  Its an hour outside of San Francisco. So excited to have a nice little mini-vacation.  Thanksgiving will be wonderful. Just have to remember to stick to plan! I will be reading and rereading all my articles on wekeend diet tips, 25 tips to a healthier you, and Sticking to Plan.  I must also remember that when I start to lose control it is because of my fears of losing.  If I read these four articles throughout this holiday weekend then I know I can hold on for just a few more days.  I know you can to.

Tips for Sticking to Plan on a Holiday.

RUN RUN RUN!!!!!----hahahah jk.

  1. Be aware- The holidays are a huge time for over indulging and emotional eating. Everything about the holidays bring back memories from childhood and a time of more simplicity. Be aware of it and you can fight it. Know that you dont have to eat the pies or the cookies. Have a "taste" and dont over indulge.  Keep you plan on your mind at all times!
  2. Make a plan- If you do plan to join in on festivities. Thats great although its a tough line to balance. You can do it. You must plan for it though. Count Count Count. Your counting doesnt stop because its a holiday. In fact you should be more ferocious and make sure you dont go over plan.   On holidays if you go over plan you are more likely to go WAY over your plan. So keep an OCD type count and stick to it like a fly sticks to fly paper.
  3. Dont let pushers be pushy- You had your choice holiday snack and then little Ms. Suzie skinny homemaker comes in with a tray of fresh baked goodies. She comes to you and insists you have a treat. "Please have one, Oh, please have one!" If needed its ok to push back! Shes being pushy so kindly tell her no and if she persist you can push back. Sure shes doing something kind but you politely said no. Most likely if were to nice about it. Shes not going away. Tell her NO!  If you dont feel like you can push back kindly take one and say, "I'll take one and save it for later. Thank you." Then you can give it to someone else or throw it out. Just dont eat it if its off plan!
  4. Offending the cook-  Alot of people over eat on holidays because they dont want to hurt anyones feelings. If you dont feel your strong enough to join in on the festivities. Just letting the people around you know what is going on inside of you will releive alot of the tension. Most people know how hard it is to be on a diet or to restrict themselves. So most people understand.
  5. To thine own self be true- Remember at the end of the day, your doing this for you.  If your not sticking to it your only hurting yourself.  Stay true to yourself and stay in reality with your self. Just because its thanksgiving doesnt mean everything magically has no calories. Stay true to yourself. : )

Alrighty any questions? Send them my way!
Any comments? Id love to see 'em.

Santa Rosa or bust baby!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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