Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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day 2 nonsmoker

Im going a little crazy. Im sick. I have a runny nose and my head and body aches like crazy. I also have so much homework right now. I have 7 math lessons to finish by thursday evening and i have a chemistry hw quiz to do for today. quiz comes first. Uh and every time I sneeze my head feels like somone taking a spoon and mixing up the contents.  One good thing, well two. One, Im on plan. : ) Two, I havent smoked. Well lets make it three, Eggnog latte came out today!!! Woohoo starbucks has made my day once again. : )

Im also wondering since were doing thing all natural for 30 days. What are some all natural medicinal remedies? I have taken Dayquil for today. but if I could find something natural Id start that one immediatly after work.

Acdcording to WEBMD, there is no way to "cure" a cold.  Although there may be ways to shorten it. Eureka! that works for me!

WebMD's top 4:

  1. Zinc.
    • There havent been many recorded studies on zinc and wether or not it helps treating colds. There was one study done about the nasal gel zinc medicines. ( like the zicaam type) It did show to improve the time spent with a cold but it has not been replicated. Science goes with concrete evidence that is shown over and over again. So as far as a scientist or health proffessional is concerned Zinc doesnt make the cut. But there are still many people who swear by it.
  2. Vitamin C
    • This is the one that I actually swear by! I didnt have any vitamin C this time  around and procrastinated in buying some. Look at me now lol im sick. Haha. I personally havent been sick in a few years. (actual sick not cramps or migraines) For me when ever I first feel the tickle of anything in my throat or begin to feel "off" I take an overload dose of Vitamin C. I take about 3000 grams a day for 3-4 days. : ) it works for me. Although WebMD says it also shows no actual results except when used as a preventitive measure and still only decreases a cold time by 8%. I still swear by it though!
  3. Echinacea.
    • My mom swears by this one! She takes it everyday as a preventitive measure and swears thats why she hasnt gotten sick in years. In a study done by the University of Connecticut it showed that when used as a preventitive measure Echinacea could cut your cold down by 58%!! thats pretty good right?
  4. Chicken Soup
    • There are no real findings on the true health benefits on chicken soup. Many doctors find the idea of even testing it as a "waste of time" But it is said that chicken soup can help with imflamation and the steam and heat can soothe a soar throat.
Take what you may. Im gonna stick with my Vitamin C and Dayquil/Nyquil.

What are some other rememdies that you have heard of?

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