Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Diet Plan Tips

weigh in 216

      So Im back at 216 again...  This weekend I will be heading up to my BF's where they have some really delicous arabic dishes that are made for each meal. Breakfast and dinner are the most difficult such delicous meals.  Although if I ever want to get past 216 I need to get back to sticking to my plan on the weekends to. So Here we go.

Weekend Diet Plan Tips. 

  • Dont put off your meals-  On the weekends I find I fall off plan the most when I put off my meals till later.  I stall and think if I dont eat for anither hour or two I can eat dinner later. Wich innevitably makes my hunger rise and anything I smell when others start cooking, well I want it.  It is much harder to say no to food when your really hungry and not on your usual schedule.  So try to stick to your usual schedule as much as possible.
  • You dont have to eat with everyone else-  I find myself trying to be polite and eating with my BF's family. I cant do that anymore. If Im hungry before they are then Im eating from now on. Just as before if Im busy worrying about being polite then Im gonna end up being much hungrier. Ive made my metabolism fast therefore it can get ravenous and eating a salad for dinner while watching others eat delicous junk really isnt satisfying. So if I am going to get healthy and fight this obesity and my risks for disease then I need to think about me first.
  • Keep your healthy snacks close-  This one seems like a duh, "Uh hello? The kitchens in my house its close... whats ur point?"  My point is the kitchen can be far.  Something that I do at my BF's hosue where I find most of my temptations come up. I carry my snack with me.  I carry a fruit or some sort of snack with me in my pocket or in my hand at all times. If someone brings out cake or something to munch on and I really want to snack to then I take what already in my hand. It may seem weird but who cares if it works and is healthy, right?  I alos carry a serving of nuts and a granola bar in my purse. If we're at a store and someone decides to grab a bite of something. Thats all well and dandy cuz I have my snacks to. : )
  • Water- I dont know how I can get across how Important it is.  Water may not have actual nutrition or calories but, our bodies need it to do anything!  We need it to difest to breathe to have our blood flow through us. EVERYTHING!  The more water we have the more satisfied our body is.  The less likely you will get those annoying fictitous hunger paings. Go read all about what actually happens with your hunger when you dont drink enough water here.
  • Excercize- When work hard are you proud of yourself?  Its the same with excercizing. You are much less likely to cheat after you have worked out. Why would you want to ruin what you worked for?
  • Journal- WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!!!! Keep track of everything! You will stay on plan much more successfully if your constently looking at the amouunt of your intake and you will plan for spreading out your calories for the day.
  • Be aware-  Know that you are on a diet. You are the one who is losing and you need to have will power.  Everyone around you IS able to do whatever they want. They arent trying to lose they arent on this journey. YOU ARE. So be your own strength aswell find your own little techiniques to keep yourself on plan.
Let me know what you come up with. : )

Also if you have anything you want me to write about and answer let me know.

Thank you. Have a great weekend.


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