Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Raw foods

Weigh in 219---1.4 up from yesterday! arrrgh! Halloween!
Day 1 non smoker

I had a great time for Halloween. I spent $0 on my costume and did it myself. It was fun. A little to fun as you can see from my weigh in. lol Today starts my Raw Foods cleanse for 30 days.  I can not eat any dairy, or animal products for 30 days. Ive given myself two exceptions. First my morning coffee can have a tad of creamer. Second my morning and evening shakes are allowed. Why choose to go on a raw foods cleanse?

     There is so much research out in the world that suggests that raw food is the way our body was mostly intended. That yes we were meant to eat meat but not as often as we do. i.e-1 a month at most!  When eating only Raw foods your body is receiving only unprocessed fruits and veggies.  The food that my body will receive in a raw diet is all immediately recognisable to my digestive system. With processed foods our bodies have to question and guess what the food is and basically solve the mystery. In that it takes longer to breakdown and absorbs incorrectly in many ways.  Alot of times the processed "unknowns" just get stored.  Wonderful right? More weight to be added on.   

      A raw food diet is quite strict. It consists of only ground grown foods. Absolutely and completly all natural. If its didnt come from a seed then its not allowed. We also dont cook foods in a raw food diet.  In a raw food diet you do not heat your food over 105 degrees F. At temperatures over 105 degrees F our food starts to molecularly mutate. The heat changes what the veggie actually is and in that our veggie loses many of its benefits.

   A large problem thats known well about a raw foods diet is that it can be difficult for you to get all of your calories.  In a raw food diet Fruits and nuts are your main source of calories. Nuts have plenty of protein but also plenty of fat! If you eat to many nuts your diet will consist of mainly fat. So for me I am going to bulk up on fruits mostly wich personally seems like a reward! Lots of Watermelon,plums, and mangoes! : ) Seems like its not to bad so far. I will be eating nuts at least once a day for one serving.  I will also be eating as many veggies as I want. The nice thing about this type of food menu is great for those who like to snack and have an oral fixation.  With the low amount of calories in our natural foods a person can snack snack snack all they want. : ) Once a week I will also be awarding myself with a meal at a vegan restauraunt. Either Loving Hut or Native Foods. : ) These will be my rewards for sticking to plan.

The basics of a Raw diet.
  1. Fruits
  2. veggies
  3. grains/nuts
  4. NO animal products or byproducts

My basic daily outline will be as follows-

- coffee

-nuts (protein)



- high cal veggies
- high cal veggies

-protein shake

Want more info?
Here are some great places to get more:

Ill be using this one for many of my recipes this is an amazing site!


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