Friday, November 11, 2011

Today and Tomorrow

weigh in 215.8!
5 days nonsmoker!

A wonderful quote from my little sister, "Not today but maybe tomorrow."  This is how I have been pushing myself to stay on plan. These little trick phrases to trick my mind into beleiving them. Really Im not lying to myself just not looking at the whole truth.  Ok confused? Let me explain. My sister gave me some advice about staying on plan and quiting smoking at the same time. She said, "Not today but maybe tomorrow."  So when I get that crazy craving to have a cigarette. I simply tell myself, "Im not having a cigarette today but who knows maybe I will have one tomorrow."  Then tomorrow never comes. Today is always with us. Tomorrow is always ahead of us and I just keep saying it and take it one day at a time. Same thing when I see a sweet or when I am craving something that is not allotted into my plan. Ill tell myself, "I wont be eating that today but maybe tomorrow I will."  Then I wont. The craving will be gone long before then. : )  The baby steps of taking life "one day at a time" and "Easy does it." So in this case why not put off what you could do today for tomorrow? Well I dont mind if I do!

Have a wonderful weekend all!

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